My love for asking deep-rooted questions stems from their ability to guide inner work—prerequisite for joy, connectedness, and purpose. The intention of innerduce, through writing, interviewing, and speaking by way of podcasts, essays, and visuals, is to move us to create space to reacquaint with our inner being.

Personal: I'm first-generation, Oakland, California born with many of my formative adult years spent in Brooklyn, New York. I studied health sciences in undergrad with a concentration in women's studies and earned my Master's in psychology. However, I learn best amidst travels to various countries. I find peace in solitude and laugh hardest at jokes in languages foreign to me. I ask good questions, I love big, and I wander often.

aminat salihu




in·ner /ˈinər/ noun, adjective

1. situated inside or further in; internal. close to the center of power.

2. mental or spiritual. denoting a concealed or unacknowledged part of a person's personality.

in·tro·duce /ˌintrəˈd(y)o͞os/ verb
1. bring (something, especially a product, measure, or concept) into use or operation for the first time.
2. make (someone) known by name to another in person, especially formally.

in·ner·duce /ˈinərˈd(y)o͞os/ verb

1. bring one closer to the center of their power by unconcealing the unacknowledged or unattended parts of a person's inner being via mental or spiritual practice.

2. discover, nurture, and intentionally make the inner being known to the self, then others, especially formally.

innerduce is sanctuary for inner work through self-love and self-healing. It honors personal growth by way of deep self-reflection and exploratory questioning.


This is an honest, healing space for dialogue as we collectively unlearn, rediscover, redefine, and reconnect with the self while navigating purpose.

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in Him do i put my trust arad 13;30

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