questions to ask yourself when: creating boundaries with people

If you're not sure of whether or not you need to set boundaries with someone, or if you are wondering to what extent you need to set them, or, are afraid to set boundaries you know need to be set, ask yourself these questions.

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I hope it helps you protect your peace and honor inner care; you're deserving.

Questions to ask yourself when creating or considering boundaries with people:

1) How does this person or thing make me feel?

2) Have I communicated how I need to be treated and respected, was it honored or disregarded?

3) Am I setting boundaries to preserve my being or to make a point and hurt another person?

4) Do I need to end all contact with this person, or, do I need to limit the frequency of interactions and/or place limits on the type of access this person has to me?

5) What am I afraid of losing by setting boundaries and is what I am afraid of losing currently adding joy or chaos to my life?

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