Malcolm & Marie & Me & Maybe-You


February 2021


Okay. On the surface, Malcolm & Marie might appear to be a depiction of one elongated, detrimental, and highly toxic relationship—and make no mistake, that’s definitely what the characters’ relationship was. But, for “me & maybe-you”, the film is brilliantly layered and multifarious, transcending beyond just a visual of a spiraling unhealthy relationship for the sake of chatter and ratings. There were conspicuous undercurrents of myriad themes woven throughout. To name just a few:


  • Validity. The deep need to be seen, to be heard [...]

Revised: A Letter to Black Immigrants and Black Immigrant Children


June 2020

The revised letter, inclusive of after thoughts stemming from discourse and the correlated virtual event, explores contrasts and tensions between multi-generational and immigrant Black experiences. It calls to action deep reflection and healing work to better unify melanated folks of the diaspora.

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